Slow drains, leaks and odors got you down? Repair your pipes from the inside!

Pipe lining is a proven alternative that’s faster, less expensive, and less invasive than pipe replacement.

You probably don’t think much about the pipes in your walls and floors – until you have a problem. Slow drains, blockages, leaks, and foul odors can leave you frustrated and unsure where to turn for help. As annoying as these issues are, waiting until it’s an emergency will only make things worse…and possibly result in astronomical damage and repair costs.

Get your drain system working like new again – faster, with less hassle, no property damage, and for far less than pipe replacement.

Those reoccurring blockages, gurgling drains, leaks, and sewer odors mean you have a problem in your sewer system. After a camera inspection, often all you need is a thorough cleaning. But if the issues persist, it may be a cracked pipe or misaligned joint, and it means you need a more permanent solution. If that’s the case, you can either replace all your pipes by tearing out walls, ceilings and landscaping — and suffering with the dust, debris and headaches that go along with it — or line the existing pipes from the inside with a safe and proven technology that restores the flow and seals the pipe against leaks and roots. SPT can line drain and sewer pipes from 2” all the way up to 36”, both inside and outside your house or building.

There’s really no contest – pipe lining is less disruptive, almost always less expensive, usually dramatically faster, and lasts just as long as conventional pipe replacement.

Less Disruptive. Pipe lining is less invasive and disruptive than pipe replacement.

Pipe lining minimizes damage to floors, walls and landscaping areas because the lining is inserted through existing cleanouts or other sewer access points. If a sewer pipe is under concrete or pavement, there’s no need to jackhammer it up since our pipe lining technology slides right into the existing pipe.

Less Expensive. Pipe lining is more cost effective than pipe replacement.

Rehabilitating sewer pipes using pipe lining typically costs far less than conventional pipe replacement, especially when you take into account the fact that there is little to no renovation or repair costs associated with pipe lining. Minimal exterior digging reduces clean-up costs and keeps overall labor costs down. We routinely have customers tell us that our pipe lining cost them half what the pipe replacement companies quoted.

Faster. Pipe lining saves significant time compared to pipe replacement.

Without the need to dig or spend excessive time repairing walls, floors and ceilings, pipe lining is more time efficient than pipe replacement. And because lining solves the problem for the long-term, it reduces the chances of future leaks or blockages and reduces future inconvenience for you and your community.

Long Lasting. Pipe lining lasts just as long as new pipes.

We’ve been doing pipe lining for 25 years. Our pipe lining technologies have a life expectancy of about 75 years, about the same as you’d expect with conventional pipe replacement. You get the ease and speed that comes with pipe lining, without sacrificing longevity – and it costs less!

Here’s How SPT Create’s a “Pipe-within-a-Pipe”

Pipe lining works on all major types of drainage piping materials. First, blocked or corroded pipes are inspected by camera and then cleaned with one of several cleaning processes, depending on the problem. Then an epoxy saturated liner is pulled into place inside the existing pipe, through a cleanout or other access point. An internal rubber bladder is then inflated, pressing the epoxy coating against the pipe walls. Once the epoxy has cured, the bladder is deflated and removed, and the pipe lining process leaves you with a clean and seamless “pipe-within-a-pipe.”

Pipe Lining – Faster. Less expensive. Less disruptive. Long lasting. Why choose any other way?


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